Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Advanced Engineering Mathematics (M.Sc.)

Instructor: Dr. Hosein Naderpour

Semester: 2013, Fall

COURSE OBJECTIVE: To study advanced mathematical topics needed for civil engineering.

Homework: Homework assignments help students absorb methodology and concepts taught in the course and prepare them for the project and exams. Consequently, timely preparation of homework is important. Unless announced otherwise, each day late on homework is penalized by 10% of the grade of the homework. Homework is not accepted more than a week late.

TEXT: Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Edwin Kreyszig, Eight Edition, John Wiley and Sons, Inc.



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  • Reliability of Structures
    Reliability of Structures

  • Stability of Structures

  • Theory of Elasticity & Plasticity

  • Application of Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithm & Fuzzy Logic in Civil Engineering Projects

  • Engineering Probability and Statistics

  • Construction Machinery

  • Structural Optimization

  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics

  • Mechanics of Materials
    Mechanics of Materials

  • Numerical Computations

  • Statics

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