Strength of Materials

This course introduces undergraduate students to the theory behind fundamental topics of mechanics of materials and demonstrates how this theory is put into practice to analyze and design structural elements. The only prerequisite is a course in Statics. Topics covered include: the principles of stress and strain, axial forces, shear forces and bending moments in statically determinate beams, normal and compound stresses in beams, analysis of composite beams, plastic bending, deflections of statically determinate beams, method of superposition, deflections and internal stresses in statically indeterminate beams, elastic column buckling and shear stress, shear flow and shear center.






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  • Reliability of Structures
    Reliability of Structures

  • Stability of Structures

  • Theory of Elasticity & Plasticity

  • Application of Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithm & Fuzzy Logic in Civil Engineering Projects

  • Engineering Probability and Statistics

  • Construction Machinery

  • Structural Optimization

  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics

  • Mechanics of Materials
    Mechanics of Materials

  • Numerical Computations

  • Statics

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