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Fifth International Conference on Soft Computing & Optimisation in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Dear Colleagues, Students and Friends

I am creating a special session in the Fifth International Conference on Soft Computing &Optimization in CivilStructural and Environmental Engineering (

16-19 September 2019 | Riva del Garda, near Lake Garda, Italy

This is the fifth in this series of conferences concerned with the application of soft computing andoptimization to civilstructural and environmental engineering. The first in this series was held in 2009. A major objective of this conference is to link state-of-the-art research to practice.

This conference runs concurrently with CIVIL-COMP 2019: The Sixteenth International Conferenceon CivilStructural and Environmental Engineering Computing. Participants may attend sessions, lectures and presentations from either conference.

See in the conf site, the special session entitled:

SC 1. Soft Computing-based Approaches in Structural Engineering and Materials,

organized by myself Hosein Naderpour.

Only Abstracts (1000 words) are required.

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I would appreciate if you divulge this meeting and the special session I organize, within your institution and among interested colleagues/students that may contribute so far with abstracts.

The conf in Italy for the upcoming September is a must, not only for the technical meeting itself, but also for the location as the tourism point of Italy.

The deadline for the abstracts is Monday 15 April 2019. So although deadline finishes in short time, it is still manageable to consider 1 or 2 abstracts.

Do please consider this in your plans for 2019.


Kind regards,
Hosein Naderpour
Visiting Research Fellow Professor at The University of Tokyo
Institute of Industrial Science
Concrete Group
4-6-1 Komaba Meguro-Ku, Tokyo 153-8505, Japan
Email: hnader[at]
Tel: +81(80)35062672
Associate Professor,
Faculty of Civil Engineering,
Semnan University,
Tel (office): +98 23 33535203
Cell Phone: +98-9122052212
Fax (Faculty): +98 23 33535200
Journal of Soft Computing in Civil Engineering (SCCE)
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SC 1. Soft Computing-based Approaches in Structural Engineering and Materials


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